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Harris M/A-Com RPM 10 Radio Personality Manager + RPM Radio Maintenance Utility

Harris M/A-Com RPM 10 Radio Personality Manager software download

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Harris M/A-Com RPM Radio Persoanlity Manager R10B07

RPM Version: R10B ( Radio Personality Manager with RPM RadioMaint Utility )

Radio Personality Manager Supported radios:

Radio Personality Manager is the software application used to read, edit and program personalities of compatible radios including Jaguar 700P/Pi, Jaguar 725M, M7100, M7200, M7300 P5100 (Scan and Select), P7100 (Scan, Select, and System), P5300 (Scan and System), P5200 (Scan, Select, and System and P5400 (Scan and System), P5500 Series (P5550-Scan and P5570-Select , XG-15P, P7200 (Scan, Select, and System), and P7300 (Scan and System), Unity XG-100P, Unity XG-100M with CH-100, XG-100M with CH-721, XG-75P Series (Scan and System), XG-75Pe Series (Scan and System), XG-75M, XG-25P Series (Scan and System) and XG-25M radios.

Older EDACS radios, including LPE-200, M-RK (512K), Orion (512K), EDACS 500M, MDR, MDX, PCS, EDACS 300P, TNP M-PA, cannot be programmed using RPM. These radios can be programmed using ProGrammer.

You buy downloadable version. After instalation need register software
Licence work only with one registered computer/laptop!

Price: 150 euro