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mototrbo cps 2.0

MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 Software GMVN6241G + FIRMWARE M2021.04

For sale: MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 Software GMVN6241G + MOTOTRBO FIRMWARE M2021.04 Motorola Programming Software CPS 2.0 is being introduced to replace the old MOTOTRBO CPS 1 application which is being retired. The old CPS1 supports up to MOTOTRBO system release R2.9 (including minor releases) while the new CPS2 supports MOTOTRBO system releases R2.4 onward (including

MOTOTRBO EMEA CPS 15.0 build 754 + TUNER + latest Firmware 2.8 GMVN5141AS

MOTOTRBO EMEA CPS 15.0 For Sale:   Motorola Mototrbo EMEA CPS   CPS Ver – 15.0 build 754 TUNER Ver – 15.0 build 234 RM  Ver – 2.8 build 14 AUTOUPDATE Function Enabled! + Firmware:   Older Models:   MOTOTRBO_R0101050001_080206_DM1xxx Series MOTOTRBO_R0101050001_080206_DP1400_SL1600 Series MOTOTRBO_R0101100002_080311_DM1xxx MOTOTRBO_R0101100002_080311_DP1400_SL1600 MOTOTRBO_R011217_130203_DM3xxx Series MOTOTRBO_R011217_130203_DP3xxx Series MOTOTRBO __R01.02.04  MPT1327_GOB_UK   Repeaters :   MOTOTRBO_R02060007_030021_SLR5500_SLR8000 Series MOTOTRBO_R02060007_170016_DR_MTR3000 Series MOTOTRBO_R02060007_170016_DR3000 Series MOTOTRBO_R02060008_030024_SLR5500 Series MOTOTRBO_R02060008_170016_MTR3000 Series MOTOTRBO_R02060053_030056_SLR8000_UHF Series